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Is It Okay To Take Gluta IV and Oral at the Same Time?

Yes, you can take IV + oral at the same time, but we advise to take the oral in between the IV shots. If the IV is administered today, you can take the oral tomorrow 2 to 3 times in a day. If you are taking oral Vitamin C, then you can take the gluta oral after the vit c. This is one way to continuously whiten your skin and also to relax your veins.

Skin Whitening for Those Pregnant and Breast-Feeding

Now it is a general use to avoid any IVs, or any anti-aging and whitening products while being pregnant and breast-feeding. There has been no proof or studies of any negative effects when gluta caps and injectables are taken when pregnant or breast-feeding, but better be safe than sorry.

But if you have that itch inside of you to take something, then why not try the cheaper, natural and proven effective fruits and foods!

For one, try calamansi! Put calamnsi on cottonballs and apply to your face and skin. If you find it too strong, then mix it up with distilled water – something like a toner. 🙂 Worth a try!

If you have any tips for those pregnant/breast-feeding, do comment below. We’ll really appreciate it.