Best Glutathione Whitening Soap – Top Brands For Skin Lightening

These soaps are mostly used for whitening. It comes in combinations too, like Kojic Glutathione. For true skin whitening, there are glutathione injections, but they are much more expensive compared to the soaps.

Also note that to achieve best results, use sponge or loofah to exfoliate your skin. Doing this will help in removing those dead skin cells. This will also allow the product that you are using to penetrate the skin, so faster results. Another thing is to use lotion, cream or moisturizer to help prevent the skin from drying. To be sure too, do a skin test first if you have sensitive skin.

Watch out also for the unbranded and the fake ones. They are lots of them. We’ll be featuring the effective and trusted ones here.

Below is a list of reviews(summarized) that I found:

SERIOUSLY WHITE (Advance Whitening) review from Kathrivera website

  • didn’t experience breakouts or negative reactions
  • does not melt easily
  • soap lasted for more than a month
  • exfoliates well
  • made skin smooth and soft
  • didn’t like the smell
  • no significant change on skin tone
  • do use sunblock
  • not for sensitive skin
  • gave this soap a rating of 3.5 out of 5

Diana Stalder Skin Whitening Glutathione Review from amazon

  • Products works on some, but won’t work on others. We are all different, and you need to find a product that is compatible to your skin.
  • had freckles – Important to use sunscreen
  • lightens acne scars
  • pimples go away faster
  • some felt tingling sensation at first
  • melts fast, so keep in dry area
  • a user use it only on her face since it dries the rest of her skin

Sofia SVR Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen Review from KikaySiKat website

  • nice packaging, came with blue ribbon
  • handmade and all-natural
  • smells like milk, money and oats
  • In 3 days, visible micropeeling
  • didn’t try out her skin
  • 1 shade lighter after micropeeling
  • Cut into small pieces since it melts fast
  • leave at skin for at least three minutes

Royale Beauty L-GlutaPower Review from micmicscorner

  • doesn’t easily melt
  • helped lightened underarms, knees and elbows
  • For a soap, it is a bit expensive
  • scent at first disappeared

Diamond Orange Peel and L-Glutathione review from kriziaacevedo blogspot

  • product works
  • effective in skin lightening
  • helped lessen oil in face
  • Good scent, smelled like oranges

Still Diamond Orange Peel and L-Glutathione review from sparkliecandy website

  • skin dried
  • stinging sensation at first
  • don’t use this soap with bleaching cream/soaps
  • less oily

Sw+ss (or Swiss) L-Glutathione Bar Review from smartskincare website

  • really satisfied with results
  • helped with her frekles
  • friends noticed just after 3 days
  • compared to papaya soap, 5x more effective

1st health Glutathione soap Review from ruraldame website

  • doesn’t have strong sent
  • breakouts minimized
  • can dry the skin
  • takes time for the results to show

Snoe White Extra Strength Glutathione Soap Review

  • Philippine-made
  • candy scent
  • doesn’t melt easily
  • didn’t irritate her skin
  • no tingling sensation
  • no drying of skin
  • whitening effect not that aggressive

Flawless Beauty Extra Strength Glutathione Soap Review from Michealsandshops website

  • smelled exactly like soap
  • skin already fair, so didn’t see significant different in whitening
  • soap lasted for a month

Our recommendation:

Try out Sofia SVR Glutathione soap with Kojic and Collagen.

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