Truth About Glutathione Supplements and Pills Effectiveness – Is it Worth It?

There are a number of Gluta supplements and pills available today, but it is important to know that taking these doesn’t necessarily do much. They are broken down while in the stomach, and won’t be properly absorbed by the body. Their gluta molecules are also also heavy and big to be able to pass through our cell membrane. The lungs also rapidly absorbs oral glutathione.

A summary:

  • They are convenient to take(no IV)
  • They are not that effective
  • Some side effects
  • Price is cheap compared to the injections

Side Effects:

  • Bronchial Constriction – Studies have been done and and have shown that these supplements can lead to sulfite formation, which in turn reduces the airways’ size. It also known as bronchial constriction. This leads to difficulty in breaking. This also manifests cough and breathlessness. Those with asthma should consider this and consult with a professional.
  • Gastro-intestinal problems – Bloating and abdominal cramps may occur with use of these supplements, although these side effects may be minimal if the person rehydrates properly.
  • Allergies – It may also cause allergies, especially those with milk allergies. Some patients may experience rashes on their skin.