Reiki Glutathione Injection IV 1200mg

This is a new brand made in Japan, and comes in a red box. 100% Authentic Reiki. The set includes:

  • Butterfly Needles 10 pcs
  • 10cc disposable syringes 10 pieces
  • Vitamin C 10 ampules
  • Sterile H20 for Injection 10 poly amps
  • 10 vials

This originated in Japan. The one who made this is Dr. Reiki, which also means ‘sacred energy’. It is natural reduced gluta and 100% authentic. This reduced glutathione has a side effect of whitening the skin. It is stable even when it is close its expiration date. It also has nano-processed technology making it absorbable by the cells, which makes this really effective. It can also be administered through nebulization, or transforming it into mist, which is then inhaled into the lungs.

Here are its benefits:

  • Dark spots remover
  • Removes blemishes and prevents pimples
  • Help with melasma¬†and whitens skin
  • anti-wrinkles
  • anti-aging
  • nourishes skin