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Tatiomax Plus Reviews

Hey ladies(and guys),

Here’s another review, specifically for tatiomax plus from Jenn of livelovedream.ca.

Here’s a summary:

  • In Vancouver, naturopathic clinics who offer injections have a rate of $55 per injection.
  • She purchased Tatiomax Plus for $140, which already included shipping.
  • administered through intravenous injections(injected through the veins)
  • She found the nurse through a friend of a friend
  • Finding the nurse was difficult because they(the nurse) are taking risks. They are doing unauthorized procedures with their license at stake. Be aware that they can face legal issues if patients/users experience adverse reactions to the substance.
  • Total cost for 1st month is $280 CAD + $15 per shot


  • The scars and dark areas of her face seems to lighten.
  • She didn’t last a month with the IV since it became painful and her veins kept hiding(which resulted after being ‘poked’.  In her last and final week, her nurse couldn’t locate anymore her veins except those that are deep inside. That’s when she decided to stop.


– from http://livelovedream.ca/glutathione-iv-injection-experience/