Glutax Reviews

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From user Randy:

I’ve been using glutax 5G now for 5 months, and it works on my skin – now whiter. I also have acne on my back, and they have lessen. I’ve been informed that lifestyle do matter, and I do smoke and occasionally drink beer. I’m glad that this still worked for me. I’m taking this with Vitamin E and Vit C.

From user Hannah:

I’m on my 5th box now, and my skin now has a blooming and silky smooth effect especially when I’m outdoors. Although I didn’t lighten that much, I’m still satisfied. What I can say to others is that it really depends if glutax is compatible and suited for your body.



A brief summary of results:

  • Some users achieved lighter skin, 4 shades lighter.
  • extremities and underarms also whitens
  • some users resulted in blooming and glowing skin, not necessarily whitening effect by a number of shades
  • some users experienced oily skin
  • for maximum effect when taking gluta IV is to also take oral glutathione


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