Initial Reactions

There are a number of initial reactions to keep in mind. These are all okay, and were experienced by our users:

Users may experience some itchiness on your neck, thighs, arms, and any parts of your body. This is okay if it is just some slight itch, but if it worsens and you’re not comfortable with it, then it is generally recommended to seek professional advice, or change how you take the gluta IV(like do you take additional boosters?, or plain out – try other glutathione brands.

Your urine may also have some foul smell. Smell the IV, and it may smell just like that.

Users also have experienced an improvement in their bowel movements since gluta also detoxifies the body. You might notice that if for example previously you take a poop every 2 or 3 days, but now, you’re taking a poop every day. This is all normal.

Blemishes and pimples may occur on your face since the same thing as above, the IV is detoxifying your body.
What is important here is that there should be no no major reactions that you experience after taking this. If some of major reactions occur, then do consult a professional, or try something else. It really is true that some people are not fit for gluta IV use, and their body can’t handle it properly.

Have you experienced some reactions? Let us know further below.

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