Are Glutathione Injectables Safe? How About for those Pregnant??

Yes, but be sure to have an authentic one, and also it’s best when it is administered by those who are trained professionals.

Our body is also unique, so also watch out for some major reactions. Gluta injections are done through a number of sessions, and if you notice a major reaction, then it is recommended to stop or try other brands. There are instances where 1 brand is not good for you, but another brand works great for your body. So just listen to what your body says and feels, and don’t push it.

Also, really don’t try to self-inject if you have have no training, since this can lead to great dangers to your health. It can introduce harmful micro-organisms into your body, or air could also be injected into your body which can lead to blood clogs – dangerous since the arteries can be clogged.

In countries like New Zealand(or was it Australia? I’m not too sure), there’s a regulation there that needles can’t be bought in public. So better inquire with a professional.

Just a reminder too, recycling or sharing of needles can result in transmission of some diseases like hepa B, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are still concerned about the IV safety, do contact us. We can also recommend some gluta capsules which can be taken orally – generally more safer than the injectables.

Then for those who are pregnant and lactating, don’t ever think about using injections and stuffs.

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