Tationil Glutathione Injectables Reviews

Tationil, in combo with Vitamin C, is an effective treatment for getting whiter and fairer skin. It reduces the distribution of melanin in the skin, resulting in lessening of darker tones of the skin.

Here are some users’ Positive feedbacks:

  • rosier and brighter skin
  • reddish and pinkish cheeks
  • skin whitened by a number of shades
  • underarms lightened
  • elbows lightened

Here are some users’ Negative Feedbacks:

  • some didn’t experience whitening, but rather brightened
  • some experienced pimple breakout in the first 2 weeks
  • some experienced oily face

Here are more info about the product:


  • 1 amp every three days
  • For faster whitening effect, 2 amps per session every three days
  • For maintenance, 2 vials in a month is recommended.

A complete set includes:

  • 10 vials 600mg Tationil glutathione
  • 10 amps injectable vitamin c
  • 10 amps sterile water
  • 10 pcs 10cc syringe
  • 10 pcs butterfly needles

Important note:

For international orders, the syringe and needles won’t be included in the package


Nursing mothers or those who are pregnant are not recommended to take any IV.

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